Due to our strong partnership with Gyroscope International, we can deliver Pharma Business Simulation all over the world.

Gyroscope International through the combined experience of the international team gives their clients confidence in the ability to lead complex sales transformation programmes that deliver return on investment.

Globalization created the need for organisations to unify everything from corporate values and culture, to marketing activities, to customer experience, etc. In terms of developing uniform sales and leadership capabilities, multinationals must do so for teams with significantly different culture and market realities. In a post-global world, this means transitioning from a single, globe-trotting training team to local experts sensitive to local people, operations and their markets.

Today, with sales experts in more than 30 countries and growing, Gyroscope International is a unique team of inspiring, local consultants with common, proven, leading approaches to developing multinational leadership and sales teams who outperform their peers. Gyroscope International’s vision is to create the world’s largest local group of sales and leadership experts recognized for their ability to create extraordinary and permanent performance improvements.