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The pharmaceutical industry is changing.
The environment is changing.
Be ready to face the change and challenges.
Get your team well trained!

Qsim Pharma is a professional business simulation






which helps you getting better insights in both
sales and marketing decision making strategies

“How can you better verify your decision than by putting them into practice? To know a possibility to manage situations encountered every day, in a 100% interactive format, to be able to do, to analyze, to bring you results, to be able to make real in your daily activity is the greater advantage. that  the QSIM program brings you. Individual and yet competitive provides a clear view of your decision-making impact. Useful at the management level, but also at the medical representative level, it "sends you into the field" with a different vision of what you can do better, with more advantages, with more success!”
Medical Representative, Pharma Romania, 2022
“Without going through whole slides, you only experience what you do every day. A must-have exercise for your team that starts with exactly what's important: segmentation. By testing the ability to pay attention to details and follow the rules, how well the representative knows his area and how he approaches each particularity separately, leads to the first results. Then the implementation of the new information, the allocation of investments, guarantees that each member will think much better before making decisions in the field. An ideal work tool, through which you as a manager can also see other particularities of your team members”
Key Account Manager, Pharma Romania, 2022
“2 full days, in which you are faced with clearly known situations, but not experienced at this rate. Everything you try in a period of time anticipating what it will generate, you can test in this business workshop, with immediate results and with the possibility of returning to the initial decisions. A very useful practice concentrated in a short interval.”
Area Sales Manager, Pharma Romania, 2021
“For me it was something totally new and different from all the training I’ve made. Closer to what I do and need to do in real life, really helpful for practicing and consolidating the analytical skills which helps me being more efficient in my daily work”
Medical Representative, Pharma Romania, 2019
“Qsim Pharma, in my view, it’s more than a regular training program. It brought freshness and something different to the existing offers of development programs dedicated to pharma industry sales and marketing people.
Its totally realistic and can be customized to your own company strategy if you want. And moreover, for me, as Division Head, the fact that I can follow live the evolution of my team throughout the program any moment, even I am not with them in the room, means time efficiency and 21st century technology.”
Business Unit Head, Pharma Romania, 2019