• The set-up
    Participants become employers of QsimPharma®(a virtual pharmaceutical company – the representative office for QLand (the country). They will work individually or in groups of 2 or 3. Each individual or group has access to a notebook with user and password for the whole session.
    QLand is divided into 5 geographical areas (Capital, North, South, East, West). Each region has a specific business situation (potential/ market share/ economic development etc) so that each participant can simulate at least 5 different real life business cases.
    The 2 day development session consists in minimum 2 maximum 3 simulation rounds – with cumulative information and know-how.
  • The objective
    Each participant or team has to develop a business strategy in order to increase two KPIs: Sales Volume and Market Share for the product they promote on each of the 5 QLand regions.
  • Info available
    a data base of 1500 customers (medical doctors)
    an e-mail address for each participant
    an organizational diagram of QsimPharma®
    See Simulation Resources for a detailed list of information categories
  • Simulation Exercise
    • Business decisions
      Having to define a clear business strategy for each region, the participants have a list of decisions to be made: sales actions, marketing activities, management actions and so on (the whole list consists in more than 25 different decisions).

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    • Strategy presentation and argumentation
      Each simulation phase is concluded by two actions:
      1. Participants have to present and sustain their business decisions in front of the whole group (what & why they decided/ results expected/ budgets spent)
      2. Q&A session for each team – to understand why they decided for a certain strategy.
    • Simulation Results and Feedback
      After each simulation session the consultants present the real results generated by the application according to the decisions taken by each team or individual.
      A general feedback – related to the business principles (not specific on what or how they should have decided) is provided also by the consultants.
    • Next step
      Having understood the key learnings from the previous round, the participants must go forward to the next phase: re-thinking old decisions and thinking the new ones. New information is available for each phase.
    • Final step
      At the end of the development session there is a final ranking of the participants or teams. Awards will be granted.
  • Follow-up
    After each session a complete report is presented to the management (business and HR) so that the next development steps to be accurately decided. Link to Simulation Reports