Simulation Overview

  • Focus: developing the competencies of both sales and marketing staff from  pharmaceutical companies.
  • Level: Sales people- Medical Representatives, Key Account Managers,  First Line Sales Managers, Marketing Staff- Marketing Associates, Brand Managers.
  • Objective: Participants MUST results in a 5 different regions (specific business characteristics for each one). Performance is assessed through two main KPIs: Market Share and Sales Volume.
  • Key earning: During a two 2 day module we integrate specific know-how: Territory Management; Project Management; Client Management; KAM; Selling Skills; Time Management; People Management; Coaching; Competitive Analysis; Sales Strategy Development.
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    • How:
      • Practicing the effective ways of setting goals, developing sales activities and managing time effectively (self and team’s)
      • Using relevant tools for territory management for ASM activities and med reps daily tasks
      • Analyzing the process of customer management
      • Understanding the methods of effective business development
      • Reviewing management strategies and providing proper sales training for Sales Force


  • Length: One or more modules (of 2 or 3 days), depending on the complexity of the defined case and participants experience.
  • Competition type: team against team or individual against individual.