• QsimPharma® Application Reports:
    After each phase, before starting the next one, each participant/ team can access a report generated by the application regarding the decisions taken:

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    They can re-analyze their decisions and their impact on Sales Volume and Market Share on each region.

  • QsimPharma® Consultants reports:
    • a. Group Evolution Reports – during the Development Session:
      After each simulation phase, the consultant will provide a decision impact analysis for each region for the whole group – a comparison among individuals or teams.
      A ranking (for competitiveness stimulation purposes) will be shown at QLand level measuring Sales Volume and Market Share.

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    • b. Follow up Report for the whole qroup – after the training session :
      A complete report will be provided by the QsimPharma® consultant on a meeting with direct management and HR management. This report includes also development recommendations and next steps to be taken.

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